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Warehouse Expansion Case Study

The Challenge:

To provide our customer, an electric motor manufacturer, with an array of lifting solutions for a large expansion of their facility.

Special Consideration

Our customer needed to be able to move large scale electric motors throughout their facility interacting with multiple workstations.

Our TEAM Approach:

We worked closely with the customer to learn their specific needs, workflow and expectations, which resulted in the following:           

  1. Installing Two 25 Ton top running double girder cranes with a radio control system that allows the cranes to be operated in unison, or individually, with only one hand held remote.

  2. Installing eight 1-Ton column mounted jib cranes with electric two-speed chain hoists.

  3. Installing a 2-Ton floor mounted jib crane with an electric two-speed chain hoist.


We provided our customer with a state of the art lifting system solution that maximized their workflow and productivity and was installed on-time and within budget.

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