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Double Girder Cranes

Top Running Double Girder Cranes by Crane-Tec

Crane-Tec overhead cranes offer a high standard of quality and a broad array of solutions to meet almost every application. Over the past 30 years we have developed superior standards of quality for building overhead cranes. All of our overhead cranes meet CMAA Specification 70 for overhead cranes. Crane-Tec is a master crane builder utilizing a high-end line of R&M Materials Handling hoists and endtrucks. Additionally we can supply a number of other top of the line manufacturer’s crane components based on the customer’s needs.

We take overhead crane quality seriously and that is why we implement the Crane-Tec Quality Pledge: To supply the highest quality overhead cranes at the lowest reasonable cost. Cranes are put through a thorough inspection process: during the fabrication process, at installation, and during the final certification.


Crane-Tec Double Girder Overhead Cranes are generally utilized in capacities over 10 ton and spans approaching or exceeding 60 feet.  Although double girder overhead cranes can be used at any capacity to span where extremely high lifts are necessary because the hook can be lifted up between the girders. Double girder overhead cranes are an excellent choice where high speeds and heavy service are required.

  • Built with R&M Components

  • Built with Shaw-Box Components

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