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Partnering with Shaw-Box

Together with Shaw-Box and their many brands, we can deliver a variety of solutions.

The Complete Crane Kit. Virtually Everything Required to Build a Crane

  • Capacities up to 15 tons (single girder cranes)

  • Capacities up to 20 tons (double girder cranes)

Shawbox Crane Kit

Shaw-Box Overhead Crane Kit Features

Hoist and Trolley

For Single & Double Girders

The Shaw-Box® World-Series and Yale® Global King Hoists & Trolleys provide long life in heavy service applications with capacities from 1 to 20 tons.

  • Built to meet and exceed either FEM 2m or 3m duty (similar to ASME H4 or H4+ duty)

  • Low headroom design provides maximum hook travel

  • 200% torque DC hoist motor brake

  • All controls housed in NEMA 4/12 enclosure with easily accessible components

  • Triple reduction, helical, oil-bath lubricated hoist gearing in a cast aluminum gear case

  • Standard hoists and trolleys are CSA approved

Shawbox Hoist and Trolley

Bridge Motors

Complete with Plug & Play Power Connection Cables

  • Motor, Reducer and DC Rectified Brake are fully assembled for easy installation

  • Shipped ready to install on end truck with 4 bolt connection

  • Quick-connect power cable from motor to control panel

  • Motors are sized to provide more torque and cooler operation for superior performance and longer life

  • Direct-Spline connection to the drive wheel

  • Motor built for use with industry standard variable frequency controls to provide a wide range of travel speed capacity

  • Totally enclosed oil-bath helical gear bridge reducers

  • Power 230/460, 200 & 575; HP: 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2 & 3

  • Motors are provided with TAS as standard

  • CSA & CE approved

Single & Double Girder End Trucks

Complete with Connection Plates, Rail Sweeps & Bumpers

  • Fitted with 2 removable (not welded) rail sweeps for easier inspection of the wheels

  • Heavy duty rubber bumpers come standard

  • 2 oversized hand holes allow for easy access to connection plate bolts

  • Rotating axle driver and trailer wheels – no exposed gearing

  • Wheels are flat tread machined and hardened to 300-320 BHN – the industries hardest – and can run on ASCE or square bar rail

  • Top and Side Girder Connection Plates come standard

  • Girder Connection Plates are bolted, not welded, to allow the girder to be easily removed for shipping

  • Readily Available Standard Configurations range from 1 to 20 Tons, Wheel Sizes from 4.5″ to 10.2″ with Wheel Bases from 54″ to 120″

  • Constructed from heavy wall ASTM structural tube to handle a broader range of capacities

Shawbox Bumper
Shawbox Control Panel

Control Panel

with Plug & Play Connections

  • Plug & Play cables connect to bridge motors, hoist & trolley, power and pendant control for easy assembly

  • Standard variable frequency control provides controlled acceleration and deceleration for smoother operation, reduced load swing, and extends the life of the drive train

  • NEMA 4/12 enclosure

  • Meets NEC

  • Fusing, manual disconnect and mainline contactor

  • Control panel components are CSA approved

Festoon System

Plug & Play Connections

  • Easy quick connect plugs requires no special tools or skills to “wire up” a bridge crane

  • Connection housings are durable metal with spring loaded snap connections. No plastic housings to break or long screws or loose gaskets to contend with

  • Flat cables and plugs are CSA approved

Shawbox Festoon
Shawbox Pendant Control

Pendant Control

Plug & Play Feature

  • Plug & play connection make installation and maintenance quick and easy, eliminating the need of an electrician and minimizing downtime

  • Simplified 8 button operation for all movement

  • UL Listed and CSA approved

Shoot us an email and tell us about your next project or request a quote.

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