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Integrating Safety With An Overhead Crane System

When a large aviation client asked Crane-Tec to build an overhead crane system, the safety of their employees was paramount to the design.

34 percent of injuries and many work-related deaths are the result of a fall from height.

We understood that taking a preventative stance to protecting employees from injury or death, and to remain compliant with OSHA standards, was an important element to this job, so we sought out an industry leader to help with the design.


Crane-tec turned to Rigid Lifelines, a company at the forefront of fall prevention safety, to help incorporate a Rigid Track fall prevention system into the overhead crane design.

We engineered the safety equipment right into the monorail system that we designed and then built all of the structural steel and the system to support everything.


  1. The installed overhead crane system consisted of a 20 metric ton crane with 15 ton monorail spurs. Fall protection rail was installed on each of the 18 monorail spurs and the bridge crane

  2. Each 58 foot long monorail spur had its own fall protection rail designed to support two people

  3. On each system there were two, self locking trolleys with retractable lanyards

The purpose of having the fall protection secured into the structural support of the crane and monorail systems is to protect the personnel when they’re working on the large engines.


Check back with us next month.

Next month we’ll highlight this entire project and showcase the cranes and hoists provided by our partners at EMH.  Stay tuned!

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