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How do you make a frog

The Challenge:

To provide a building supported crane system with two 25 Ton capacity and one 10 Ton capacity long span heavy duty cranes.  The crane system was to be designed into the metal building structure of a regional railroad manufacturer for their “Frog” manufacturing.  Frogs are railroad exchanges that divert trains from one line to another.

Special Considerations:

Owner application required heavy duty high speed cranes.  Independent tie back runway systems were designed to maximize the strength of the pre-engineered metal building.

Our Team Approach:

Working with the owner and the General Contractor we were able to design a building that supported the loads of 3 heavy duty high speed bridge cranes.  We installed two 25 ton cranes, each with a 5 ton auxilliary hoist, and a 10 ton crane.  These allowed the manufacturer to have three work areas which stream-lined their manufacturing.


Crane Tec supplied a turn-key crane system on time and within budget

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