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Overhead Crane Inspection

OSHA inspections provide a safe work environment, reduce chances of workplace injury and help to prevent down time.

The overhead cranes at your facility are essential to your production.  Your cranes were inspected by Crane-Tec upon installation and that inspection is good for 1 year assuming standard usage of the cranes.  OSHA requires annual inspections of your overhead crane moving forward. These inspections are your responsibility to set up and insure a safe work environment for your employees, lower the risk of worker injuries and keep your cranes OSHA compliant.


OSHA Requirements

The inspection should follow OHSA requirements which include checking the following:

  1. Structural Members

  2. Signs and Labels

  3. Connection Points

  4. Sheaves and Drums

  5. Shafts, Axles, Wheels, Couplings

  6. Brakes (g ) holding and control)

  7. Indicators, Gauges

  8. Self-contained Electric, Hydraulic, or Gasoline Powered Generating Units

  9. Transmissions

  10. Electrical Components

  11. Covers and Guards

  12. Bumpers and End Stops

  13. Trolley and Runway Rail

  14. Runway Structure

  15. Conductor System

  16. Below-the-Hook Devices

Want to learn more about overhead crane inspections?

Read more about overhead crane inspection classifications from our partners at Spanco

The inspection should follow the OSHA requirements on page 5 of this pdf (Periodic Inspection Items required by OSHA)

For a comprehensive maintenance checklist visit the CMAA

Get your cranes inspected on a regular basis. 
Contact us and we can connect you with a qualified inspector.

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