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Bridge Cranes


For over 3 decades Crane-Tec has been a leader in bridge crane design and installation. We offer complete bridge cranes from 1 to 100 tons including professionally engineered runway systems.

Whether you require a complete turn-key crane system, crane kits, crane design or engineering we can provide the highest quality product and personal service.

Crane-Tec is a master crane builder representing multiple lines of hoists and components to ensure we’re able to supply every customer with the most cost efficient and reliable piece of equipment on every project.

We take overhead crane quality seriously and that is why we implement the Crane-Tec Quality Pledge: To supply the highest quality overhead cranes at the lowest reasonable cost. Cranes are put through a thorough inspection process: during the fabrication process, at installation, and during the final certification.


Single Girder Overhead Bridge Cranes

Crane-Tec offers a broad range of single girder cranes, which are the most cost efficient purchase for capacities up to 10 tons and 60 foot spans. By using our advanced box girder technology we’re able to offer single girder cranes up to 100 foot spans. Reduced wheel loads, exceptional headroom and low clearances provide exceptional value.

Our low headroom single girder cranes come standard with variable frequency drives on the trolley and bridge. Our overhead bridge cranes also come standard with bridge travel limit switches which reduces harmful loading on end stops and unnecessary load swing.

Advantages of Single Girder Overhead Bridge Cranes

  • Light weight = lower wheel loads = less building steel

  • Low head room monorail hoist

  • Lower production costs

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Ease of installation


Double Girder Overhead Bridge Cranes


Crane-Tec double girder cranes are most often applied in capacities over 10 tons and/or spans over 60’. They are an excellent choice for any application requiring fine positioning, control and durability because the motors are controlled by variable frequency drives.

Double girder overhead bridge cranes are an excellent choice where high speeds and heavy service are required. Double girder cranes are highly suitable for applications requiring walkways, lights and other special equipment.

Under Running Overhead Bridge Cranes

​Crane-Tec offers a broad line of under running overhead bridge cranes. We offer capacities up to 10 ton and spans up to 90 feet. Under running cranes offer excellent side approach and are excellent choices for light service applications. Under running bridge cranes can be supported on a runway hung from the building structure or supported by an independent freestanding structure.

Crane-Tec under running overhead bridge cranes are very common in light maintenance service applications.

Shoot us an email and tell us about your next project or request a quote.

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