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Overhead Crane Case Study 15 Ton Double Girder Cranes

15 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane Case Study

The Challenge:

To provide our customer, a major automotive parts manufacturer, with a freestanding runway system for a new facility in Ohio. The job incorporated (7) seven 15 ton double girder overhead cranes complete with freestanding runway systems.

Special Consideration:

The general contractor needed design build capabilities for the foundations and runway systems. Double girder overhead cranes with low headroom hoists were utilized to minimize crane and building steel costs.  Crane-Tec engineers armed with metal building drawings designed a cost efficient and space saving runway system.  All cranes were installed with hoist monitoring systems which facilitate scheduled maintenance and allow for problems to be detected before turning into costly breakdowns.


The general contractor maximized the strength of the building by utilizing tie-back columns along exterior walls; Crane-Tec supplied a complete crane system and the owner maximized floor space.  The overhead cranes were weight tested and turned over to the customer ahead of schedule.

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