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North America's Largest Recycling Center

Crane-Tec is proud to be included in this project.

Last February, Rumpke announced plans to build North America’s largest and most technologically advanced recycling center in Columbus, Ohio. The new facility will process up to 250,000 tons of materials every year from more than 50 Ohio counties.

The 223,000 square-foot Rumpke Recycling & Resource Center will include a career center, a research center, and an education center. Upon opening, guests will visit interactive exhibits before touring the recycling plant and leaving with a full understanding of the power of their recycling efforts. Check out this progress video.

Included in the building of the project were two, 7 1/2 ton, top running double girder crane systems. The floor space is completely covered with the machinery necessary to run the facility. Crane-Tec crane systems are needed to install and maintain the recycling machinery. One of the challenges of such a large job is communication between all parties and our Project Manager made sure the install went smoothly and was able to work within a very tight timeline.

Construction Highlights for Rumpke Recycling Center

The project has required:

  • 3.8 million pounds of structural steel

  • Nearly 420,000 pounds of rebar

  • Almost 6,000 cubic yards of concrete

  • 68,000 cubic yards of dirt moved

  • About 180,00 square feet of fiberglass insulation made from recycled glass

  • More than 4,200 feet of ADS drainage pipe made from recycled plastic



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