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Injection Molding Facility Case Study

The Challenge:

To provide our customer, an injection molding facility, with a larger capacity crane to fit an existing runway system. The customer was upgrading their facility with larger machines and wanted to add  a 7.5-ton top running crane to their existing 5-ton system.

Special Considerations:

The existing crane, being lower capacity, had a shorter stature on the runway rail. With the customer needing a specific lifting height capability, and the building having a low roof, our engineers and staff were up to the challenge.

Our TEAM Approach:

Crane-Tec worked closely with the customer to learn their specific needs and expectations of the new system. With our combined efforts, many options were presented, including:

A double girder crane, which allows the use of smaller beams to achieve the low headroom hook height.

Radio control operation which allows the operator to stand at a safe distance from the load and move through the factory freely. 

A goose neck connection from beam to end truck to maximize lifting height.

Duel hoist to aid in larger lifts and rotating molds for service.

A warning light and buzzer to alert others in the building the crane is in motion.


Crane-Tec delivered a custom built, state of the art crane.  Following up with our customer, our staff was told with this new system, mold change down time has been cut by 2/3.

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