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An Old Facility Gets a Crane Makeover

Recently a Crane-Tec client offered us a challenge.  An older manufacturing facility was being repurposed to assemble and test plastic injection molding machines and they wanted to upgrade their existing 25 ton crane system.  The question was, could it be done?

Special Considerations:

  1. Determine if the the existing 25 ton crane could be brought up to today’s standards and the client’s requirements

  2. Consider the current condition of the building runway structure

Team Approach:

  1. Crane-Tec’s Service Technician and Project Manager completed a building runway structure inspection and inspected the existing crane system

  2. The client determined it would be more cost effective to replace the existing worn out crane

  3. Crane-Tec advised realigning the crane rail and repairing the runway structure


Crane-Tec furnished and installed a new 25 ton top running double girder crane with a five ton auxiliary hoist.  The crane was built with a variable speed bridge and trolley that is operated by radio remote controllers.  The Crane-Tec installation team realigned the crane rail and installed new runway electric.  The result?  Our client ended up with a makeover to their facility crane system in their older manufacturing building.

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