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Dual 25 Ton Cranes Case Study

The Challenge

To provide a crane system to help our customer in their manufacturing of large concrete building panels.

Special Consideration

Our customer needed to move large concrete panels through their high capacity manufacturing process.

Our Team Approach

We worked closely with the customer to learn their manufacturing process, their material handling frequency and their performance expectations.  This resulted in the following:

Engineering, design, and installation of

– Crane runway beams and crane rail on their existing concrete column haunches – Two (2) 25 ton top running double box girder cranes – Engineered lifting beams to facilitate movement of the large precast panels

Cranes were sized for heavy duty usage with high speed hoists, trolleys and bridges.

Cranes were equipped with radio remote controls for safe and efficient material handling. The remotes allowed the customer to operate the cranes individually and in tandem.


Crane-Tec provided our customer with a complete turnkey crane system that was customized to their manufacturing needs.

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