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Precast Concrete - One Tough Application

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

When Crane-Tec’s long-time customer came to us with a tough application, we knew the right questions to ask.

The Challenge:

Provide our customer, a precast concrete manufacturer, with building supported 10- and 20-ton crane systems for their expansion

Special Consideration:

  • Existing building dimensions

  • Crane and hoist duty cycles

  • Working Environment

  • Worker Safety

Our Team Approach:

Our Project Manager, working with the general contractor’s metal building drawings, determined the frame design to maximize the crane hook height and side approach. Discussing the application with the client, Crane-Tec was able to determine the CMAA class for the crane and NEMA class for the electrical enclosure.


Using Crane-Tec’s years of experience, and knowledge of the customer application, we designed and built cranes specifically for their heavy-duty requirements and ensured employee safety.

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