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When you need something special.

One of our most recent projects involved a customer that required special lifting equipment to service their highly sensitive operation.

The facility required a clean environment with long lifts, precise handling, and easy to operate cranes and hoist.

Our Approach:

Working with the customer’s design engineer, Crane-Tec’s Project Manager analyzed the required specifications and recommended the following:

  1. Six-ton top running double girder crane with full length walkway

  2. The crane and monorail hoist required variable slow speeds

  3. A three-ton 68’ lift monorail hoist

The Results:

Crane-Tec furnished, installed, and tested the 6-ton top running double girder. The long lift 3-ton monorail hoist furnished by Crane-Tec was installed and tested 70 feet up in the building.

Our team has experience working with highly sensitive environments and can take on any special requests.

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