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Top Overhead Crane Questions (and answers)

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

With over 35 years of experience designing and installing overhead cranes in just about every industry you can imagine, we've come across lots of questions. Below are the top 12 along with our answers.

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Here are some common questions that people ask about overhead cranes:

#1 What is an overhead crane?

An overhead crane, also known as a bridge crane, is a type of material handling equipment used to lift and move heavy objects or materials from one location to another within a facility. The crane is typically made up of a runway beam, bridge, hoist, and trolley. The runway beam is mounted on columns or suspended from the ceiling, and the bridge travels back and forth along the beam. The hoist and trolley are attached to the bridge and move along the bridge to lift and lower objects or materials. Overhead cranes are highly versatile and can be customized to suit the specific needs of various applications. They can be operated either manually or by a control pendant or wireless remote control. Overhead cranes are widely used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other industrial settings for tasks such as: 1. Moving and lifting raw materials and finished products 2. Loading and unloading heavy machinery 3. Transporting equipment and parts within a facility 4. Performing maintenance tasks on equipment and machinery

#2 How do overhead cranes work?
#3 What are the different types of overhead cranes?
#4 What is the weight capacity of an overhead crane?
#5 What are the safety features of overhead cranes?
#6 When do overhead cranes need to undergo inspections and maintenance?
#7 What are the advantages of using an overhead crane?
#8 How do you chose the right overhead crane for your application?
#9 How do you install an overhead crane?
#10. How do you operate an overhead crane safely?
#11 What is a load capacity crane?
#12 What is a material handling crane?

Overhead Crane Q&A
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