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The Purpose of Overhead Cranes

Overhead bridge cranes are some of the most versatile and widely employed types of cranes on the market. They can be found in warehouses and manufacturing facilities across the country.


The function of an overhead bridge crane is to lift a workload, removing it from one location and depositing it in another location. To perform a lift with an overhead bridge crane, a workload is rigged to the crane’s hook. A cable raises and lowers the hook. The cable is attached to a trolley, which travels side by side along the crane’s bridge. The bridge can travel along two runways to deposit a work piece to another location.


Only people who have been certified by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are qualified to operate overhead bridge cranes in America. Overhead bridge crane certification facilities are located throughout the country. For example, in Atlanta, Georgia, consumers can find OSHA training courses at Georgia Tech Institute.

Safety Measures

An overhead bridge crane must pass regular safety inspections (performed by OSHA-certified inspectors) before it can be used to lift a work piece. Overhead bridge crane operators should be careful to never lift a work piece that weighs more than the crane’s maximum load limit. Load limits are usually clearly marked on the sides of the crane, where they would be clearly visible to the crane operator at all times.

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