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Safety instructions part 4

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Safety Instructions for Finishing Work with the Hoist

  1. Raise the empty hook or loading device high enough to avoid it causing a hazard to traffic, but not to the top safety limit.

  2. Leave all the controls in the O- position

  3. Press the emergency stop button to open the main contractor.

  4. Turn off the safety switches for control current and main current.

  5. Close any mechanical brakes such as rail clamps, etc.

  6. Inform your foreman of any defects you have noticed.

  7. Inform  the next operator of all abnormalities in equipment operation you have noticed.

Safety Instructions for Servicing the Hoist

  1. Carry out regular inspections and preventative maintenance in compliance with the instructions. Keep a record of inspections and servicing. Regular servicing and inspection procedures are necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the hoist. In uncertain or unusual cases, contact the supplier of the hoist.

  2. Pay special attention to the operation of the brake and limit switches, and to the condition of the hook, rope and pushbutton controller. It is essential that safety devices (overload protectors, limit switches, etc.) work correctly and are in full operating order because they safeguard against human error.

  3. Use trained servicing personnel authorized by the manufacturer of the hoist for servicing the hoist. The person servicing the hoist must be competent for the task and must be familiar with the servicing and inspection instructions.

  4. Use only genuine spare parts approved by the manufacturer of the hoist.

  5. Any modifications or additions made to the hoist’s structures or performance values must first be discussed with the supplier of the hoist.

  6. Any inspections and repair operations carried out on the hoist after an overload or collision must be discussed with the supplier of the hoist.

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