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Providing a Lift in 2020

Through this unsettling year, Crane-Tec continued with many of our projects and we were fortunate enough to take on new business as well. By pushing forward, we played our part in lifting our customers, our suppliers, the economy and our country during a difficult time.

In 2020 we expanded our capacity and took on several large projects. We also became a preferred government supplier. Internally, we worked on capturing some of our projects and created videos so that we could share the work with you. We also launched a new website in 2020.

This year reminded us of our role in the bigger picture and we took pride in knowing a crane company in Southwest Ohio can help make a difference simply by staying the course. We were also reminded of how grateful we are to be a part of something bigger. Every customer, each project and vision laid out on a blueprint, provided our team with opportunity.

We thank you for your continued trust and support. Have a wonderful holiday season. Please stay safe and healthy.

Wally Bolduc

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