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Precision Needed For Railroad Engines

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Crane-Tec was called upon to do a project for a Railroad Engine Maintenance Facility.  Our team of experts were asked to engineer, build and install a free-standing, 20-ton crane system in an existing facility.  This new setup would be used to service railroad engines.

Special Considerations:

  1. The customer’s application required precise movement and positioning

  2. Adding a freestanding runway system into an older, existing building.


Working with the customer and general contractor requirements, Crane-Tec engineers designed a freestanding, 20-ton crane system.  We recommended variable speed control for the bridge, trolley and hoist.  We also added a true vertical lift hoist.


Crane-Tec engineered, built, installed, and tested the complete 20-ton top running double girder, heavy duty, radio remote controlled crane and free standing runway system.

Below is a video with images for this recent project.  Enjoy!

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