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Monorail Systems

Monorail systems allow exceptional versatility for in-plant handling from simple straight beams to complex curved and interlocking track configurations that can connect many shop and manufacturing areas together. The more complex systems are available with literally hundreds of options and require a study of your plant to best determine a design which will obtain optimum productivity in your application.

I-Beam System:

I-Beam systems are quite practical and relatively inexpensive for low production and simple plant layouts. Often a simple monorail beam will meet your lifting needs without going into the cost of a full area coverage crane system.

I-Beam systems are normally not used for curved and interlocking track applications. The primary advantage of an I-Beam versus Patent Track is the initial cost.

In high usage areas, the soft metal of the I-Beam lower flange will “peen-over” from the highly concentrated trolley wheel loads, resulting in difficulty in moving the trolley and eventually require replacement of the trolley and tracks.

Patent Track System:

Patent Track on the other hand, has precision hardened and ground flanges. Trolley wheels are individually suspended on articulating trunnions which assure equal wheel loading and provide much less effort to move heavy loads. These systems are ideally suited for high production applications. They are also suited ideally for integrated installations which require a crane mounted hoist for full area coverage to align with an interlocking monorail beam and deliver parts to remote assembly or storage areas.

It is possible with a monorail system to move loads down halls, around corners, up inclines, and even vertically lift entire hoist, load, and rail section between floor levels. To obtain maximum usage of your plant potential, monorails should be seriously evaluated to interface with crane and fork lift operations.

For questions concerning monorails, contact Crane-Tec or call us at 800-755-6378.

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