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Long Span Cranes

Prefabricated metal buildings are increasingly moving towards widespan bays.  This requires overhead crane systems that have longer spans and heavier lifting capacities.  In addition, many considerations come in to play when designing and engineering long span crane systems in prefab buildings.  We have the knowledge and expertise to guide our clients towards the safest, most efficient solutions. Here’s a glimpse in to one of our most recent jobs in a prefabricated metal building:

Special Considerations:

  • Overhead crane with span over 60 feet requires fabricated box girders

  • Long span cranes take up a large amount of the height in the building

  • Trucking and installation require special considerations and know-how

Our Team Approach:

  • Our team of engineers developed programs to design box girders for crane spans up to 110 feet

  • Our fabrication facility has the box girder weld tables and automated welding equipment to fabricate box girders to 110 feet

  • The Installation crew developed procedure and safety standards for handling long span box girder

  • Crane-Tec uses low head room trolley design to maximize building height

[Crane-Tec Runway Systems with spans up to 90 feet.] Results Cranetec has mastered the ability to engineer, fabricate, and install long span cranes at a very cost effective price.  We also do complete startup and testing of the installation for maximum efficiency and safety. Check out some of the big ass cranes we’ve designed and installed!

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