Crane Runway Systems

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2 single girder cranes with runway system installation

Crane runway system for 2 double girders

Single girder crane runway

Crane-Tec freestanding runway systems are a perfect solution for customer in an existing facility that wasn’t designed to accommodate overhead cranes. Our freestanding runway systems are installed on your existing floor typically without footers.

Our runway systems are designed with bolted connections with the idea that you might want to move the system to another location in the future. The runway systems are also designed to make future expansion as easy as possible.

Feature and benefits of Crane-Tec Freestanding Runway Systems:

  • Each system is customized for your building and lifting applications
  • Capacities from 1 ton to 20 ton
  • Easily relocated
  • Designed for low headroom
  • Quick ship delivery available
  • Inverter controlled bridge and trolley drives
  • Standard independent traveling pendant station
  • Spans up to 90 feet and any runway length available

Free standing crane runway system

Multiple free standing crane runways

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Crane-Tec also Utilizes Spanco Cranes for Workstation Applications

SPANCO free standing workstation bridge crane

With a SPANCO Freestanding Workstation Crane you can:

  • Easily mount to a standard reinforced concrete floor instead of an overhead structure or existing crane
  • Modify for installation needs or to accommodate growth

SPANCO Freestanding Workstation Bridges are available in capacities ranging from 250 lbs. to 4000 lbs. and overall bridge lengths up to 34 feet.

SPANCO free standing workstation crane

Learn more about Spanco Cranes: (PDF download)

Spanco Videos: See videos on

End Stop Bumper for Enclosed Track System

  • End stops are equipped with resilient rubber bumpers to increase impact resistance and are through bolted to the enclosed track
  • Standard on all enclosed track bridge crane systems

Cable/Hose Trolley for Enclosed Track System

  • Standard on all workstation bridge crane kits
  • Utilized for conveying the power supply flat cable or round air hose
  • Four wheels insure easy movement
  • Pivoting clevis provides swiveling action for air hose
  • Maximum 3/8″ air hose on standard trolley
Cable / Hose Trolley for Enclosed Track System

Cable / Hose Trolley for Enclosed Track System

Festoon Section for Enclosed Track System

  • Furnished for end of one runway to allow stack-up of cable/hose trolleys
  • Through-bolted to runway track profile. Festoon trolleys pass under through-bolt into festoon section
  • Standard on all workstation bridge crane systems

End Truck for Enclosed Track System

End trucks provide smooth running connection between enclosed track workstation bridge crane and runway track.

  • Standard wheels are large diameter polyamide, equipped with anti-friction ball bearings (steel wheels optional)
  • Bronze wheels and guide rollers are available for “spark resistant” applications
  • Placement of horizontal steel guide rollers on either end of the truck guards against “crabbing” of workstation bridge crane
  • Zinc chromate plated finish

Hoist Trolley for Enclosed Track System

  • Fabricated from precision cut steel plate
  • Equipped with large diameter polyamide wheels with anti-friction ball bearings to ensure smooth and easy movement (steel wheels optional)
  • Bronze wheels and rollers are available for “spark proof” applications
  • Zinc chromate plated finish

Cable/Hose Clamps for Enclosed Track System

  • Fitted at one end of runway and bridge to hold cable or hose
  • Flat cable 4 wire #14 A.W.G. supplied standard on all systems as shown
  • 3/8′ air hose optional

Vacuum Hose Trolley for Enclosed Track System

  • Special free moving trolleys with kick-up rollers and Velcro straps are provided to festoon vacuum hose on vacuum lifter applications

Hanger Assembly for Enclosed Track System

  • All stand alone (freestanding) workstation bridge cranes are provided with flush type hanger assemblies, which allow for adjustment in both lateral & longitudinal directions.
  • Hangers are of appropriate size and numbers for selected system.

Flat Cable Festooning Systems (four wires #14 A.W.G.) for Enclosed Track

  • Supplied with all bridge crane systems
  • Optional, various sized air hoses available
  • Festoon loops are 18″ for bridges and 36″ for runways

Enclosed Track Runway and Bridge Beams for Enclosed Track System

  • Trussed track available in 4 profiles and 15 standard trusses from 250 lb. to 4,000 lb. capacity
  • Standard maximum support centers of 20, 25, and 30 feet

Track Splice Assemblies for Enclosed Track System

  • Slide over track profile to insure proper alignment
  • Trussed track splice assembly bolts through top chord to prevent joints from separating

Universal Bumper (optional) for Enclosed Track System

  • Frictionally clamped to track opening to buffer between multiple bridges
  • Not to be used as an endstop

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