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An Installation With Challenges

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Crane-Tec was challenged with replacing an existing push/pull gantry system with a new, remote controlled, free standing runway system and 3-ton bridge crane that would enable our customer to increase their manufacturing output while also meeting their rigid clean room requirements.

Special Considerations:

  • Clean Room application

  • Extremely low overhead height restrictions

  • Maximize hook height in a room that was only 9 feet tall.

  • Safe installation of 2,000-pound runway steel components without the use of standard installation equipment due to the height restrictions.

Our Team Approach:

Crane-Tec evaluated the material handling requirements and special applications to provide a system that met the specific requirements of the manufacturing process and the 9-foot clear height.

  • Steel structure that was sand blasted, caulked and epoxy painted.

  • Drip pans and wing angle materials were utilized to ensure a contamination free environment.

  • Side connection crane and side mounting of crane controls was used to maximize available hook height.

  • Radio remote controls allowed for a safe operation of the crane system.

The Results:

Crane-Tec successfully supplied a crane system that achieved the customer’s clean room requirements while maximizing the head room to facilitate and improve their manufacturing process. This project was very unique and created many design and installation challenges, but the final product was a great success, was delivered safely and achieved the customers goals.

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