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How do you make a houseboat fly?

At Crane-Tec, we love a good challenge! We were asked to provide a freestanding crane system that would have two 5-ton hoists and a 90 foot span. The system was to be installed inside an existing airplane hangar!

Special Considerations:

  • The owner’s application required handling of large loads, some as wide as 20 feet and as long as 80 feet.

  • The building, an existing hangar, was not designed for an overhead crane.

  • The crane needed to be mounted on to a 6 1/2″ thick floor.

The Approach:

Our Engineer designed a freestanding runway system to bolt directly into the concrete slab. No new crane column footers were required. Crane-Tec’s Project Manager recommended a five ton single girder crane with two five ton hoists for safe and easy handling of the long, wide loads. The hoists have load limiters that communicate with each other to limit the total load to 5 ton capacity.

The Result:

The owners turned an airplane hangar into a house boat manufacturing facility in six weeks by installing a Crane-Tec freestanding 5 ton crane system.

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