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Handle With Care

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Crane-Tec was called upon to furnish, install, start up and test 3-ton top running double girder cranes and runway systems. The cranes were to be built to the customers stringent handling requirements.

Special Considerations:

  • The product to be moved (jet fuselage assemblies) must be handled with extreme care.

  • The travel of the crane to be limited to specific areas in the crane bays.

  • Safety of the different crane operators

Our team approach:

Crane Tec, working with the end user and General Contractor, evaluated the material handling requirements. Several options were incorporated into the crane system for prevention of damage to the jet fuselage assemblies:

  • Anti-sway controller

  • Micro speed variable speed hoist

  • Anti-collision devices

  • Crane zone review – with override

  • Radio remote controller


Crane Tec supplied the customer with state-of-the-art crane technology. Safe, precise means were provided for handling the jet fuselage assemblies.

Crane-Tec works within all of your stringent handling requirements. LEARN MORE

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