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Down With the Old Up With the New

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The Challenge:

Remove two old 10 Ton Top running double girder cranes and replace them with two new 10 ton top running single girder cranes.

Special Considerations:

  • The New single girder cranes needed to have the same amount of lift as the old double girder cranes

  • New cranes could not have any painted surfaces that could chip or flake (Note: clean room environment)

  • Precise hook spotting required for accurate hood positioning

Our Team Approach:

  • Our team, armed with existing building dimensions, designed a stooled up single girder crane with a close headroom hoist to meet the lift requirements.

  • The hook and lower block of the hoist were disassembled, sand blasted, and reassembled.  The running surfaces on the bridge beam were kept bare metal.

  • A four light state of the art hook positioning system was installed on the hoist to indicate the exact lifting point

Result: The old cranes were removed and the new cranes installed with little to no interference to the customer production time.

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