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A More Efficient Process for Mold Changes & More

Recently we had one of our existing customers come back to us with a request for a safer, more efficient way to change molds in their injection molding machine.

They wanted to incorporate this new approach into two new machines as well.

Special Considerations:

They needed to be able to change out molds quickly and safely. The headroom above their existing machines was exceptionally low. They were using a push pull gantry crane and low headroom hand chain hoist but complained that this was often slow and tough to control.

Our Team Approach:

Crane-Tec worked closely with the customer to learn more about their specific needs and expectations of the new systems. With our combined efforts, many options were presented, including:

  • Remove the hand chain hoist on the existing gantry

  • Install two new push pull 1 ton gantry cranes with adjustable height settings over the new machines

  • Install three 1/2 ton extreme low headroom Stahl electric chain hoists with power two speed trolley and hoist. These hoists from bottom of beam to hook throat is an amazing 6”

  • Equip all three chain hoists with radio control operation.

The Results:

Crane-Tec provided state of the art lifting systems. The gantry and power hoist combination now allows our customer to have less down time and safer operations during required maintenance.

Check out the project gallery!

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