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Under-running crane and runway system case study

5 ton under running crane and runway system case study, with special considerations for tilt up concrete construction.


To provide our customer, a leading trucking accessories supplier, with complete design build of an under running 5 ton crane system.  The job incorporated the 5 ton crane system and (2) ½ ton jib cranes.


The general contractor needed design build capabilities for the crane and runway system.  Crane-Tec provided complete design of the under hung runway system incorporated into the general contractors special crane truss system.


Our engineers, armed with building drawings, determined runway steel and hanger design.  Engineered drawings with loads were submitted to the general contractor for approval.  Crane-Tec’s experienced field crew installed the complete system and jib cranes in under 3 days to meet the G.C.’s demanding time parameters.


The general contractor maximized the strength of the building, Crane-Tec supplied a turn key crane system and the owner maximized floor space.  The cranes were ready ahead of schedule allowing the owner to set up manufacturing machinery with the use of the overhead crane.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your project.  Our in-house project managers and engineers will be happy to assist you with all overhead lifting needs.

My family has been in the overhead crane business since my grandfather was a mechanic working on planes and overhead cranes in hangers during WWII.  We have always based our company around providing quality sercice, honesty and integrity.  It’s nice to remember my grandfater Bill, he was one heck of a crane salesman.  I was fortunate to have had a chance to work with him very briefly before he passed away some 13 years ago.  I’m actually sitting at his desk right now writing this blog entry, it’s an old desk scratched and worn from years of service, theres a lot of history here that I’m proud to be a part of.

Please feel free to contact me directly @ 513-851-1655.

Have a good day,

Justin Bolduc

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