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Meeting the Needs of Our National Guard

Crane-Tec, once again, was called upon the National Guard to help them install different size and capacity cranes that can be used to repair a myriad of military vehicles.

Special Considerations:

The National Guard required a long span, precision handling, durable crane equipment that was extremely safe to operate.

Our Approach:

The Owner of the facility had well thought out plans for us to follow. Working with the General Contractor, our Project Manager recommended a 7.5 ton single box girder crane system and a 15 ton double box girder crane system.

Both cranes were supplied with precision, slow variable speed controls. A radio remote control feature was included for added safety.

The Results:

The Facility Owner received durable equipment, designed to their strict requirements. The crane system was tested and then turned over to the customer in excellent operating condition.

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