Jib crane sales and installations are a major focus for Crane-Tec. Jib cranes are an economical solution for moving materials within an individual workstation. Jib cranes are also an economical solution for transferring materials from work area to work area and for use as an auxiliary lifting device under an overhead crane. Crane-Tec offers hundreds of Abell-Howe Jib Cranes. Crane-Tec has over 20 years experience installing and servicing Abell-Howe jib cranes. It’s because of Abell-Howe’s high quality and commitment to jib crane quality that Crane-Tec has never carried or sold a different line of jib cranes.

Abell-Howe J-904 Jib Crane

Abell-Howe Jib Cranes are available in four styles:

J904 Free standing jib crane

Free Standing J-904 Cranes

360 degree rotation, self-supporting jib crane ideal for spot handling in manufacturing and assembly plants

J-900 Wall bracket jib crane

Wall Bracket Tie Rod Supported J-900 Jib Cranes

200 degree rotation, yet can be swung back against the wall, out of the way, when not in use.

J-906FCT jib cranes

Full Cantilever Wall Bracket J-906FCT Jib Cranes

Top mounted boom allows exceptional hook height.

J-902FC mast style jib crane

Mast Style J-902FC Jib Cranes

Supported at both top and bottom.

Abell-Howe Crane Features

Standard jib cranes range in capacity from 1/4 ton to 5 tons and spans to 20 feet. Free standing and mast type jib cranes offer 360 degree rotations. Wall mounted offers 200 degrees of rotation.

Abell-Howe Jib Crane Customization

Abell-Howe specializes in large capacity/custom free standing jib cranes. Crane-Tec can also supply specialized motorized wall traveling jib cranes. Abell-Howe custom jib cranes are available in capacities up to 20 tons and span up to 60 feet. Abell-Howe has been in the jib crane business for over 75 years and has the capabilities to meet your custom jib crane needs.

Abell-Howe History

Abell-Howe has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing overhead material handling systems including jib cranes, for over 75 years.

Abell-Howe is a member of CMAA and is on the board that establishes standards for overhead cranes/jib cranes.

In-house design, engineering, and manufacturing of jib cranes assures the best possible solution available. Combined with a wide selection of jib crane accessories, Abell-Howe provides jib crane lifting solutions for most every need.

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