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How do you make a houseboat fly?

How do you make a houseboat fly?

At Crane-Tec, we love a good challenge!  We were asked to provide a freestanding crane system that would have two 5-ton hoists and a 90 foot span.  The system was to be installed inside an existing airplane hangar!


Special Considerations:

  • The owner’s application required handling of large loads, some as wide as 20 feet and as long as 80 feet.
  • The building, an existing hangar, was not designed for an overhead crane.
  • The crane needed to be mounted on to a 6 1/2″ thick floor.


The Approach:

Our Engineer designed a freestanding runway system to bolt directly into the concrete slab.  No new crane column footers were required.  Crane-Tec’s Project Manager recommended a five ton single girder crane with two five ton hoists for safe and easy handling of the long, wide loads.  The hoists have load limiters that communicate with each other to limit the total load to 5 ton capacity.


The Result:

The owners turned an airplane hangar into a house boat manufacturing facility in six weeks by installing a Crane-Tec freestanding 5 ton crane system.


View the blueprints here.  Blueprint 1 and Blueprint 2.


Meeting the Needs of Our National Guard

Meeting the Needs of Our National Guard

Crane-Tec, once again, was called upon the National Guard to help them install different size and capacity cranes that can be used to repair a myriad of military vehicles.


Special Considerations:

The National Guard required a long span, precision handling, durable crane equipment that was extremely safe to operate.


Our Approach:

The Owner of the facility had well thought out plans for us to follow.  Working with the General Contractor, our Project Manager recommended a 7.5 ton single box girder crane system and a 15 ton double box girder crane system.

Both cranes were supplied with precision, slow variable speed controls.  A radio remote control feature was included for added safety.


The Results:

The Facility Owner received durable equipment, designed to their strict requirements.  The crane system was tested and then turned over to the customer in excellent operating condition.



An Old Facility Gets a Crane Makeover

An Old Facility Gets a Crane Makeover

Recently a Crane-Tec client offered us a challenge.  An older manufacturing facility was being repurposed to assemble and test plastic injection molding machines and they wanted to upgrade their existing 25 ton crane system.  The question was, could it be done?


Special Considerations:

  • Determine if the the existing 25 ton crane could be brought up to today’s standards and the client’s requirements
  • Consider the current condition of the building runway structure

Team Approach:

  • Crane-Tec’s Service Technician and Project Manager completed a building runway structure inspection and inspected the existing crane system
  • The client determined it would be more cost effective to replace the existing worn out crane
  • Crane-Tec advised realigning the crane rail and repairing the runway structure


Crane-Tec furnished and installed a new 25 ton top running double girder crane with a five ton auxiliary hoist.  The crane was built with a variable speed bridge and trolley that is operated by radio remote controllers.  The Crane-Tec installation team realigned the crane rail and installed new runway electric.  The result?  Our client ended up with a makeover to their facility crane system in their older manufacturing building.



Long Span Cranes

Prefabricated metal buildings are increasingly moving towards widespan bays.  This requires overhead crane systems that have longer spans and heavier lifting capacities.  In addition, many considerations come in to play when designing and engineering long span crane systems in prefab buildings.  We have the knowledge and expertise to guide our clients towards the safest, most efficient solutions.

Here’s a glimpse in to one of our most recent jobs in a prefabricated metal building:


Special Considerations:

  • Overhead crane with span over 60 feet requires fabricated box girders
  • Long span cranes take up a large amount of the height in the building
  • Trucking and installation require special considerations and know-how


Our Team Approach:

  • Our team of engineers developed programs to design box girders for crane spans up to 110 feet
  • Our fabrication facility has the box girder weld tables and automated welding equipment to fabricate box girders to 110 feet
  • The Installation crew developed procedure and safety standards for handling long span box girder
  • Crane-Tec uses low head room trolley design to maximize building height

[Crane-Tec Runway Systems with spans up to 90 feet.]



Cranetec has mastered the ability to engineer, fabricate, and install long span cranes at a very cost effective price.  We also do complete startup and testing of the installation for maximum efficiency and safety.

Check out some of the big ass cranes we’ve designed and installed!



Precision Needed For Railroad Engines

Crane-Tec was called upon to do a project for a Railroad Engine Maintenance Facility.  Our team of experts were asked to engineer, build and install a free-standing, 20-ton crane system in an existing facility.  This new setup would be used to service railroad engines.


Special Considerations:

  1. The customer’s application required precise movement and positioning
  2. Adding a freestanding runway system into an older, existing building.



Working with the customer and general contractor requirements, Crane-Tec engineers designed a freestanding, 20-ton crane system.  We recommended variable speed control for the bridge, trolley and hoist.  We also added a true vertical lift hoist.

[Our engineers design to your specific needs.  That’s what sets us apart!]


Crane-Tec engineered, built, installed, and tested the complete 20-ton top running double girder, heavy duty, radio remote controlled crane and free standing runway system.

Below is a video with images for this recent project.  Enjoy!


Down with the OLD, Up with the NEW




The Challenge:

Remove two old 10 Ton Top running double girder cranes and replace them with two new 10 ton top running single girder cranes.







Special Considerations:

  • The New single girder cranes needed to have the same amount of lift as the old double girder cranes
  • New cranes could not have any painted surfaces that could chip or flake (Note: clean room environment)
  • Precise hook spotting required for accurate hood positioning


Our Team Approach:

  • Our team, armed with existing building dimensions, designed a stooled up single girder crane with a close headroom hoist to meet the lift requirements.
  • The hook and lower block of the hoist were disassembled, sand blasted, and reassembled.  The running surfaces on the bridge beam were kept bare metal.
  • A four light state of the art hook positioning system was installed on the hoist to indicate the exact lifting point

The old cranes were removed and the new cranes installed with little to no interference to the customer production time.


Plastic Parts Overhead Crane

The Challenge:

To provide our customer a plastics part manufacturer with a freestanding 10 ton crane system over existing plastic injection molding machines.


Special Consideration:

1)       Limited clear height in building.

2)      Spacing of machine limits location of freestanding runway columns.

3)      Delicate handling of dies.

 Our Team Approach:

Our project manager precisely measured the building and location of plastic injection molding machine.  We located the runway column between the existing machine; this required different lengths of runway beams.  The 10 ton single girder crane was supplied with a low head room hoist to overcome the low building height.  We recommended a two-step variable speed radio controlled crane for precise handling.   


The customer located a new machine in a different location.  During the installation, Crane-Tec relocated two columns at no addition cost to the customer. 

The customer is able to change large dies in the machine safely and quickly.


15 Ton Double Girder Cranes Ship to Nebraska

(2) 15 ton Top Running Double Girder Class D cranes shipped to Nebraska


Crane-Tec was recently contact by a steel fabricator in the Midwest to supply (2) 15 ton overhead crane in a new addition that was nearing completion.   The customer wanted the crane shipped in 6 weeks from contacting Crane-Tec.


We turned around pricing that day and were soon under contract to supply the cranes.  Crane-Tec was fortunate enough to have that chance to work with a local overhead crane service company to install, start-up and test the cranes.


The overhead cranes were equipped with hoist overload switches, bridge travel limit switched and remote operation.  The cranes were fabricated and shipped on-time to the customer ready to take off the truck set on the rails in his new addition.


12 Ton Single Girder Overhead Crane

12 ton Single Girder Overhead Crane


Crane-Tec was recently contacted to supply a 12 ton single girder crane and 300 feet of crane rail and crane electric for a Metal Wall Panel manufacturer in the Midwest.  The project consisted on (1) 12 ton top running single girder overhead crane and 300 feet of 40# crane rail and 4 bar electrification.


Crane-Tec worked with the General Contractor and Pre Engineered Metal Building supplier to determine the most practical and cost efficient design.  Crane-Tec crews installed the overhead crane, crane rail and 4 bar electrification in less than 3 days.  Crane-Tec technicians then arrived on-site to inspect the crane and install radio remote controls.

Crane-Tec utilized a low headroom design Shaw-Box World series 15 ton monorail hoist and had the hoist de-rated to a 12 ton capacity.  All controls are housed in a NEMA 4/12 enclosure and all wiring is plug-in.  The hoist incorporates triple reduction, helical, oil bath lubricated gearing in a cast aluminum gear case.  We had heard good things about the Shaw-Box hoist and after putting our hand on one and building a crane incorporating the hoist we know what we heard was true.  This is a well made piece of equipment utilizing the best components and engineering advances.


Another project and Overhead Crane that Crane-Tec can be proud of and stand behind.


20 ton Freestanding Overhead Crane System

20 ton Freestanding Overhead Crane System & 2 ton Freestanding Overhead Crane System

Crane-Tec was recently contracted to supply multiple overhead cranes and runway systems to a leading fabrication and engineering firm in Indiana.  The customer had purchased a spec building that wasn’t designed for overhead cranes and came to Crane-Tec for their overhead crane solution.  Crane-Tec worked with the customer and the General Contractor to designed a 20 ton free-standing runway system to accommodate (2) 10 ton 70+ foot span single box girder overhead cranes and multiple 2 ton jib cranes.


Crane-Tec worked closely with the customers General Contractor and assisted in the design of the necessary crane footers.  Crane-Tec engineers design and completely independent freestanding 20 ton overhead crane system that is capable of supporting 2 ton jib cranes.  Crane-Tec also designed and installed a 2 ton freestanding workstation crane that utilized 4 ton center bay columns so the owner can easily add a 2nd 2 ton system in the future.


All the crane and structural steel were installed successfully and on-time.  Electronic eyes were installed on the 10 ton cranes to keep them from touching and bridge travel limit switched were instated on the runway to reduce impact of cranes into the end-stops.

The customer’s facility is now up and running and the cranes have become an iatrical part of their fabrication process.