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How do you make a frog

The Challenge:

To provide a building supported crane system with two 25 Ton capacity and one 10 Ton capacity long span heavy duty cranes.  The crane system was to be designed into the metal building structure of a regional railroad manufacturer for their “Frog” manufacturing.  Frogs are railroad exchanges that divert trains from one line to another.

Special Considerations:

Owner application required heavy duty high speed cranes.  Independent tie back runway systems were designed to maximize the strength of the pre-engineered metal building.

Our Team Approach:

Working with the owner and the General Contractor we were able to design a building that supported the loads of 3 heavy duty high speed bridge cranes.  We installed two 25 ton cranes, each with a 5 ton auxilliary hoist, and a 10 ton crane.  These allowed the manufacturer to have three work areas which stream-lined their manufacturing.


Crane Tec supplied a turn-key crane system on time and within budget



Wooden Building – Crane Installation

The Challenge

To provide our customer, a custom wooden structure and joinery fabricator, with a system that would improve production times and allow them to move large pieces of material safety and more efficiently.

Special Consideration

The company’s production is located in a very unique and
stunning facility made completely out of wood. They needed the ability to load large pieces into milling machines and move finished products
throughout the building.  Crane-Tec was challenged with designing a structural system that worked within their wooden building framework.

Our Team Approach

Crane-Tec worked closely with the customer to learn
their specific needs and expectations of the new system.
With our combined efforts, and after reviewing several options,
solutions included:

  1. Two 2.5 Ton top running single girder cranes.

  2. Radio control operation for each crane, with the option to operate each crane individually, or in tandem. This feature allows the operator to link both cranes together and operate them simultaneously with one single button push, ideal for handling of long pieces of materials.

  3. Special anchors to attach the crane’s steel runway beam to the wooden building haunches.


Crane-Tec delivered a system that exceeds the customer’s expectation and allows them to easily and safely move products throughout their amazing facility.


Dual 25 Ton Cranes Case Study

The Challenge

 To provide a crane system to help our customer in their manufacturing of large concrete building panels.

Special Consideration

Our customer needed to move large concrete panels through their high capacity manufacturing process.

Our Team Approach

We worked closely with the customer to learn their manufacturing process, their material handling frequency and their performance expectations.  This resulted in the following:

  • Engineering, design, and installation of

    – Crane runway beams and crane rail on their existing concrete column haunches

    – Two (2) 25 ton top running double box girder cranes

    – Engineered lifting beams to facilitate movement of the large precast panels

  • Cranes were sized for heavy duty usage with high speed hoists, trolleys and bridges.

  • Cranes were equipped with radio remote controls for safe and efficient material handling. The remotes allowed the customer to operate the cranes individually and in tandem.


Crane-Tec provided our customer with a complete turnkey crane system that was customized to their manufacturing needs.


Injection Molding Facility Case Study

The Challenge:

To provide
our customer, an injection molding facility, with a larger capacity crane to fit an existing runway system. The customer was upgrading their facility with larger machines and wanted to add  a 7.5-ton top running crane to their existing 5-ton system.

Special Considerations:

The existing crane, being lower capacity, had a shorter stature on the runway rail. With the customer needing a specific lifting height capability, and the building having a low roof, our engineers and staff were up to the challenge.

Our TEAM Approach:

Crane-Tec worked closely with the customer to learn their specific needs and expectations of the new system. With our combined efforts, many options were presented, including:

  • A double girder crane, which allows the use of smaller beams to achieve the low headroom hook height.

  • Radio control operation which allows the operator to stand at a safe distance from the load and move through the factory freely. 

  • A goose neck connection from beam to end truck to maximize lifting height.

  • Duel hoist to aid in larger lifts and rotating molds for service.

  • A warning light and buzzer to alert others in the building the crane is in motion.


Crane-Tec delivered a custom built, state of the art crane.  Following up with our customer, our staff was told with this new system, mold change down time has been cut by 2/3.