Overhead Crane Inspection

The overhead cranes at your facility or worksite are essential to production. Our cranes are inspected upon installation which is good for one year.  Following that, your are required by OSHA to have your crane inspected annually, at a minimum.  These inspections provide a safe work environment, reduce chances of workplace injury and help to prevent down time.


OSHA Requirements

The inspection should follow OHSA requirements which include checking for:

  • Deformed, cracked, or corroded members

  • Loose bolts or rivets

  • Cracked or worn sheaves and drums

  • Worn, cracked, or distorted parts (pins, bearings, gears, shafts, rollers, locking and clamping devices, etc.)

  • Excessive wear on brake-system parts, linings, pawls and ratchets

  • Load, wind, and other indicators over their full range, for any significant inaccuracies

  • Gasoline, diesel, electric or other power plants for improper performance or noncompliance with applicable safety requirements

  • Excessive wear of chain drive sprockets and excessive chain stretch

  • Electrical apparatus, for signs of pitting or any deterioration of controller contractors, limit switches and push button station.

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Get your cranes inspected on a regular basis. 
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