Spacemaster SX Hoists on Crane-Tec Overhead Cranes

The Spacemaster SX represents a revolutionary new generation of exceptionally reliable electric wire rope hoists, featuring advanced technology and cutting edge performance.

An innovative design that includes a large drum diameter gives Spacemaster SX hoists the lowest headrooms and best wheel loads in the overhead crane industry, while providing near true vertical lift with single reeved hoists, plus exceptional overhead crane hook approaches and heights of lift.  Unique features include low maintenance, sealed brakes; and trolley inverter control.  The standard hoist nameplate will carry a CSA c/us rating as well as NEMA 3R rating for the electric enclosures.

Spacemaster SX hoists are designed to meet and exceed either ASME H3 or ASME H4 duty ratings and provide the ultimate in easy load handling and overhead crane handling.

Standard configurations for overhead cranes include normal headroom, low headroom and double girder trolley designs.  Hoists in short ton ratings or metric tonne ratings meet a wide variety of application requirements.

Spacemaster Hoists on Crane-Tec Overhead Cranes = Savings in New Construction.

Unmatched Clearances – The floor area under your new overhead crane can now be used more efficiently.  Better hook to wall dimensions compared to the competition.

Lower roof heights/maximum lifting heights – Your new building design can be smaller and more functional giving you saving in initial construction.  Better hook to ceiling dimension.

Lower operating costs – Continual savings in heating and/or air conditioning expenses over the lifetime of your building.

Maximum flexibility – Factory layout and material flow planning is optimized.


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