What is CMAA?


CMAA is the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc., an independent trade association affiliated with the United States Division of Material Handling Industry.
The voluntary association of CMAA members has existed since 1955. Member companies have been and are industry leaders today.
CMAA member companies are concerned, conscientious manufacturers who have come together in an industry association for the purpose of providing voluntary standards for mechanical, structural and electrical design of cranes, as well as formulating guidelines for the proper use, operation and maintenance of those cranes. Members donate countless hours of their time toward these earnest efforts.
To qualify for membership a company must engineer and design its cranes and assemble continuously the major crane components for at least a two-year period before being admitted.
Member companies of the Crane Manufacturers Association of America, Inc., meet regularly to review, discuss and revise the standards for design, performance and proper operation of engineered crane systems. CMAA member companies have committed to the development, maintenance and publishing of industry standard specifications for Top Running, Under Running, Single and Multiple Girder Cranes
Additionally, CMAA has prepared, published and distributes Training, Inspection and Maintenance recommendations that are available to all overhead crane users.
Member companies are required to participate in a requisite number of regularly scheduled meetings which among other things, further the ongoing process of revising and updating today’s standards to meet the ever-changing demands of technology and the modern industrial environment.
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